High DA Dofollow Guest Posting Sites List

High DA Dofollow Guest Posting Website List

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Do you know the importance of guest blogging? Get on board with us in this blog; we will acknowledge you with some good facts about Guest blogging. It is one of the best and effective ways of doing off-page SEO; if you are one of the smart SEO executives, you must have tried your hands on guest blogging.

Guest blogger/guest author is the other name for guest blogging. If you are a website owner, guest blogging will enhance your site; your site will gain quality, exposure and links in return. Other sites owner will acquire the quality of content and will grasp more credibility in his industry. So what are you waiting for? Visit some popular instant approval guest posting sites.

Now let’s discuss the Importance of Guest Blogging in SEO –

Why is Guest Blogging Important in SEO?

Majority of the bloggers opt for guest blogging in their industry blogs. In, today’s SEO world, link building is getting more popularity, and it is the most important way to rank your webpage or website. So, to rank your site, SEO experts adopt off-page SEO techniques. Want to get quality of backlinks? Guest posting is the ultimate strategy to gain quality backlinks. Give a shot; you will achieve success. What you will get is?

  • Free targeted traffic
  • Improvement in page authority and Domain
  • Intensify your brand and gives more exposure
  • Assist you in building a social media profile
  • Assist you in making your site credibility and portfolio
  • Build your subscriber base

Check out the guest blogging sites list and post your content.

Now the main question is how you will find out the instant approval sites, so we will help you out in this, check out below pointers:

How to find Instant Approval Guest Posting Websites?

  • Before finding instant guest blogging sites, you must remember below points:
  • The content should focus your industry viewpoints.
  • The audience must gain your attention.
  • You will find the blog owner on social media platforms to get a quick response for your guest posting request.
  • You must check the blog readership and metrics (if you get a great authority and readership, move ahead with free guest posting sites in India.)

After doing all the above steps and checking the insights, you can move ahead with Google search operators to find out the opportunities for guest blogging. Google is the right platform to find out the guest posting sites. Below there are some important keywords that will help you out to accept the guest post. Do replace “Keyword with your Keyword.

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
  • Your Keyword “write for us”
  • Your Keyword “guest article”
  • Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”
  • Your Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Your Keyword “want to write for”
  • Your Keyword “submit blog post”
  • Your Keyword “contribute to our site”
  • Your Keyword “guest column”
  • Your Keyword “submit content”
  • Your Keyword “submit your content”
  • Your Keyword “submit post”
  • Your Keyword “This post was written by”
  • Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”
  • Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
  • Your Keyword “suggest a post”
  • Your Keyword “submit an article”
  • Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”
  • Your Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Your Keyword “submit news”
  • Your Keyword “become a guest blogger”
  • Your Keyword “guest blogger”
  • Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
  • Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”
  • Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
  • Your Keyword “guest poster wanted”
  • Your Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Your Keyword “writers wanted”
  • Your Keyword “articles wanted”
  • Your Keyword “become an author”
  • Your Keyword “become guest writer”
  • Your Keyword “become a contributor”
  • Your Keyword “submit guest post”
  • Your Keyword “submit an article”
  • Your Keyword “submit article”
  • Your Keyword “guest author”
  • Your Keyword “send a tip”
  • Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
  • Your Keyword inurl: “guest post”
  • allintitle: Your Keyword + guest post

If you want to find out your competitor’s backlinks, you can use Software’s like SEMrush tools and Ahrefs tools. You can pitch the website owner on free blog posting sites for SEO, where your competitors got backlinks.

The above procedure will help know more about guest posting and how it is one of the powerful techniques of doing Off-page SEO.

Here is the Premium Sponsor List 2021 –

S.No.Premium Sponsor ListingMonth

Here is the Guest Blogging Submission Sites List 2021 –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth

Arts & Entertainment Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Colossal Apr-21
2Contact MusicApr-21
3Digital Photography School Apr-21
4Sonic BidsApr-21
5Guitar Chalk MagazineApr-21
6Buzz Towns Apr-21
7Urban AdventureApr-21
8Article WalaApr-21
10Lemony Blog Apr-21

Family & Community Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Cafe MomApr-21
3Best Health Tips Apr-21
4Beauty Product InformationApr-21

Finance Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Inc Magazine Apr-21
2Bigger PocketsApr-21
3Oil PriceApr-21
4Money CrashersApr-21
5Money Saving MomApr-21
7Modest MoneyApr-21
8The Finance WandApr-21
9Money Mini BlogApr-21

Food & Groceries Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Inc Magazine Apr-21
2Bigger PocketsApr-21
3Oil PriceApr-21
4Money CrashersApr-21
5Money Saving MomApr-21
7Modest MoneyApr-21
8The Finance WandApr-21
9Money Mini BlogApr-21

Health Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Psychology TodayApr-21
2Health Line Apr-21
3Life Hack Apr-21
4One Green PlanetApr-21
5Pick The Brain Apr-21
7Qualia HubApr-21
8Webnshare Apr-21
9Healthhiid Apr-21

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Craft GossipApr-21
3Fine Craft GuildApr-21
4The BarkApr-21

Home & Garden Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Residence StyleApr-21
2Mookychick Apr-21
3Thealmostdone Apr-21

Jobs & Education Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1eLearn Magazine Apr-21
2Edutopia Apr-21
4Tutorful Apr-21
5Speak AudibleApr-21

Law & Government Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Above the lawApr-21
2Politico MagazineApr-21

News, Media & Publications Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1The Guardian Apr-21
2The HuffPost Apr-21
3Business InsiderApr-21
4Entrepreneur Apr-21

Real Estate Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Escape Artist Apr-21
2Wiki Web Post Apr-21
3Trend Greats Apr-21

Sports & Fitness Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Health Line Apr-21
2Sports Then & NowApr-21
3Off the Post Apr-21
4Sports Networker Apr-21
5Teno Blog Apr-21
6Ayurveda MasterApr-21
7Ehtix Apr-21
8The Fit Fair Apr-21
9Life Cares Apr-21

Technology Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Venture BeatApr-21
2Site Point Apr-21
4Read WriteApr-21
6Colocation AmericaApr-21
8Spyder OutletincApr-21
9High Def Geek Apr-21
10TechForge Apr-21
11The Newsify Apr-21
12Digital Tech Grand Apr-21
13Onliners Hub Apr-21
14Tech ModApr-21
15The EncryptApr-21
16Tech UpdateApr-21
18Tech Info Today Apr-21
19Codersera Apr-21
20Tech MistakeApr-21
21We Tech FreaksApr-21
22Voga TechApr-21
24Tech TruthApr-21
25Future with techApr-21
26Guest Article HouseApr-21

Travel & Tourism Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Hostel BookersApr-21
2Go AbroadApr-21
4eDreams Apr-21
5Global GrasshopperApr-21
6In The KnowApr-21
8Teno Blog Apr-21
9Turtle Verse Apr-21
10Algarve Apr-21
11Brit on the MoveApr-21

Web Design Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Smashing Magazine Apr-21
2Site Point Apr-21
4A List Apart Apr-21
5Web Designer DepotApr-21
6Inspiration FeedApr-21
7Instant ShiftApr-21
8Crazy Leaf DesignApr-21
9Lake View Studios Apr-21
10SNK Creation Apr-21
11Shawn DeWolfeApr-21
12Tech Planet Apr-21

Digital Marketing Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
4Social Media Today Apr-21
5Social Media Examiner Apr-21
6Content Marketing InstituteApr-21
7Creative Bloq Apr-21
8MarketingProfs Apr-21
9Benchmark Apr-21
10OutBrain Apr-21
12Pole Position Marketing Apr-21
13Inc 42Apr-21
15The Blog Herald Apr-21
16Search Engine PeopleApr-21
17Making Different Apr-21
18Post plannerApr-21
19SEO HackerApr-21
20The Work at Home Woman Apr-21
21Blog EngageApr-21
22Viral Blog Apr-21
23Sociable Blog Apr-21
25Famous BloggersApr-21
26Hellbound Bloggers Apr-21
27iBlogzone Apr-21
28Basic Blog TipsApr-21
29Hinge Marketing Apr-21
30Tech PatioApr-21
31iTech CodeApr-21
32Dealer MarketingApr-21
33Birds on the Blog Apr-21
34Northcutt Apr-21
35Spyder OutletincApr-21
36Opportunities Planet Apr-21
37Brand Driven DigitalApr-21
38Be a Better BloggerApr-21
40The NewsifyApr-21
41Taglia BlogApr-21
42SEMupdates Apr-21
44Online Marketing CloudApr-21
45SEO Tools StationApr-21
46Bakwas Marketing Apr-21
47Blog Planet Apr-21
48Plolu Apr-21
49Blog Notes Apr-21

How to get approval for Guest Blogging?

In a professional world, the proper approach is must: So, guys before pitching the website owner, you must read out the guest posting guidelines and should follow it. You should send your content titles and ideas. If they are interested in your content, then send them 1000+ words article, and it should be plagiarism-free. If you want to get fast approval on your article, then post the write content which your competitor has not covered yet. You need to check out the instant approval guest posting sites of 2021 and get high traffic for your website.

Things to remember –

When you are pitching, you must send your sample guest post articles and your work experience. It will work in your benefit. Always select decent traffic sites and high authority sites. While sending guest blogging requests, you must go for professional email templates.

Final Words –

We hope the above article will update your knowledge about guest posting and its importance in the SEO world. Guys! What you can do is, apart from guest posting, you can also go for free forum posting sites and enhance your web traffic.

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