Top 20+ Free PDF Submission Sites List

PDF Submission Sites List
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We all are familiar with PDF and their usefulness for researchers. But very few people are aware of the pdf submission sites list, PPT Submission and its usefulness in boosting the rank of your website on Google. Taking the help of PDF submission websites can be beneficial for your website as such sites provide high-quality backlinks and more organic traffic to your site.

Make sure you pick the PDF submission websites with good domain authority, page authority, and Moz Rank, to get an additional benefit. In this post, you will learn all about PDF submission websites and their usefulness in SEO.

PDF submission sites have now become quite popular and it comes under a regular SEO strategy. If you pick the websites carefully, you will surely increase the traffic and Google ranking of your website.

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Let’s study more about the PDF submission websites and tips to find out the best PDF submission websites.

What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF Submission websites are also known as document sharing sites. When considering PDF submission in SEO, it is done to get quality backlinks from these high DA, PA sites. It is a growing online marketing strategy through which you can get high-quality inbound links for your website and can also increase the visibility of your site on Google. you can generate organic traffic to your website with the help of PDF submission sites. So look for the best document sharing sites list and increase the popularity of your website in less time.

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PDF Submission Tips

Before we share PDF submission tips with you, kindly note to keep the HTML version of your content along with the PDF files. All the tips share for PDF submission are for on-page SEO.

  1. Don’t forget to convert your PDF into readable text

The most important thing that you need to do is to convert your PDF files into text. The best way to convert your PDF files is to use optical character recognition software. OCR by Adobe acrobat assists search engines to read your files easily.

  1. Create a title for PDF Submission

Make sure you have clickable titles for your PDF so when people see this they can easily click on it and read it. Take the help of title generator websites and avoid making simple titles. A title generator website will be highly useful for you as it comes with many ideas for creating titles.

  1. Use Alt Text

If your PDF submission files contain images or any kind of graphics, make sure you add alt text. This is a perfect way to help search engine understand your images and graphics. Don’t forget to check the list of PDF submission sites and pick the one that is best for your website.

  1. Do Not Spam

Do not use any wrong technique to get backlinks. submit only high quality PDF on the sites so that you can get organic traffic and boost your website ranking.

  1. Use Tags which are keyword rich

You will find PDF submission sites list with high PR, that will allow you to insert tags. this might be a good opportunity for you as you will be able to maximize the visibility of your PDF and will generate additional traffic towards your site.