Top 50+ Free High DA Press Release Submission Sites List

High DA, PA Press Release Submission Sites List

Everything is about online content marketing and increasing your brand exposure in today’s age. The importance of press release submission sites seems outdated or old-fashioned as other social media channels have taken over the business communications and content strategy. So, what is the importance of press releases in the time of digital media? The article here will offer you insight into the significance of a press release and how you will write one for audiences to notice you.

For businesses, both big and small, press releases remain an essential marketing tool. So, let us dive deep into the depths of the press release!

What is a Press Release?

A short document to grab the attention of the press is what a press release is. The perfect way to allow people to know what news is out there and inviting them to learn more is through a press release.

To allow businesses to tell the world of upcoming events, product launches, staff changes, or changes in how the company is operating is through this powerful communication tool of free press release submission sites.

Types of Press Releases

1. News Releases

It is considered the most typical kind of press release.

It notifies the consumers of the thing that is general to a business.

2. Business Launch Press Release

You would allow everyone to know about it as you have just opened the doors to your business or have a new division.

This is one of your types of the press release.

Ensure to add the details about what is new and what you will announce in the body of the press release.

  • Product Launches and Announcements

They are not just to announce the product launch when it comes to the product press releases, to describe or promote a product or call out to special recognition of awards and accolades has won for your company is what they can be used for.

  • New Staff Announcements

Did someone promote to an executive position, or have you hired a new staff person? You will wish to write down a staff announcement press release if this is so.

  • New Experts

People love to know when a business owner has recently added an expert to the team in a particular sector. This would mark the importance of a press release. If you wish to make your company more authoritative, this type of media release is specifically essential.

Why are Press Releases Important?

Since businesses have realized the importance of online marketing, press releases have changed significantly over the years. There are some strategies to use press releases effectively. The following are a few of the reasons press releases have become so vital here:

1. To Announce a New Product or Service

You can draft a press release and immediately get your news found on every major search engine and social media network using a press release distribution service if you wish to announce a new product or service.

2. Improving Brand Image

Companies can easily send out as many press releases as they want as it has become so easy to publish and distribute a press release.

3. Images Help Drive Interest

You can convey your message and news stories in more exciting ways than ever before, as press releases now include images, videos, and other multimedia.

4. Instant Worldwide Distribution

Most press release submission sites were sent only to journalists before online press releases became common.

5. Expanding Public Knowledge

Companies can direct the readers to even more information about what they do with links to other web pages within a press release.

6. Viral Possibilities

If people share it over social media networks, creating a buzz that was never possible with the traditional press releases, an online press release can go viral.

7. Portability and Convenience

Anywhere on the web or on their smartphones, a press release can be read by people.

8. Search Engine Optimization

You can optimize your press release so people can easily access your company information through search engines with the help of specific keywords related to your business.

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The Advantages of a Press Release

1. Become an Industry Thought Leader

The press release will not be exciting to your customers and the media outlets you send them to, as they should not be self-promotional. You should be sending out the press releases to help educate and share information specific to your industry and offer unique insights that you only can provide as a matter of fact.

2. Free Advertising

It is a form of advertising when you get your press release through press release sites picked up by the journalists who then write about your company. Spreading the word about your company is the best part of this approach.

3. SEO

Not a lot of companies know about is that each time you issue a press release through a press release platform or posting it to your blog will be indexed by Google and other search engines is the massive benefit of issuing press releases.

4. Manage Your Reputation

You need to deal with the important ones as getting bad reviews posted online about your company is inevitable.

5. Build Relationships with Media

You can build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with industry publications through press releases. They have a massive reach regarding the number of your prospective customers who read their content, so it would be worthwhile to build a relationship with them, as mentioned above.

6. Reach a Larger Audience

The news online is read by hundreds of millions of people, and your market will therefore be targeted by them effectively with the help of the best free press release sites.

7. Cost-Effective

To include in your content marketing plan, high-quality press releases can be a pretty cost-effective marketing tool.

8. Go Viral

It can quickly spread around the internet when it comes to professionally written press releases that share the unique and exciting news.

9. Build Your Brand

This would help you position your brand as a market leader when issuing press releases that highlight every company’s achievement and success.

How To Write A Press Release

1.  Look out for ways to become newsworthy.
2.  Write the Headline of Your Press Release.
3.  Write Your Paragraphs of the body.
4.  Include supportive Quotes.
5.  Write down the Boi Text.
6.  Adding Media Contact Details.


The great way to boost your brand awareness and increase website traffic will ultimately lead to higher sales through the press release submission sites.

To become a thought leader within your industry and grow your brand across multiple channels they are a great way.

They are a highly cost-effective marketing tool to include in your content marketing plan is the most significant benefit of a press release now.

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